From March 5th to 7th, Berlin hosted the world's largest tourism industry event, ITB Berlin. Since its inception in 1966, ITB Berlin has become the premier tourism exhibition worldwide. This year, it brought together over 5,500 exhibitors across more than 25 pavilions, showcasing stands from various countries, tourism companies, airlines, IT firms, and technology startups in the tourism sector.

Under the motto #ITBTOGETHER, the event commenced with a spectacular show organized by Oman, the host country of ITB Berlin. The business program featured over 400 speakers from international companies such as Booking, Google, Microsoft, and Airbnb, engaging in over 200 sessions discussing new strategies for the travel industry. Key topics included sustainable tourism, the development of new technologies (AI, VR, ML, GPT usage), and data security issues.

Among the bustling exhibition stands, technology companies garnered significant interest, particularly in data management systems. Many showcased solutions utilizing big data and user behavior models to optimize advertising expenditure, increase revenue, and offer relevant products. Seeing the perspectives of this field, our company has been actively working in this direction for several years by now. We have offered our own solution, the CDP Paximiser for analyzing user data, and already have successful cases of implementations among our clients. Here the details -

Another technology that drew considerable attention was the Customer Data Platform (CDP). Major discussion points included enhanced data and personalization, insights based on data, innovations in marketing, and data security. Recognizing the importance of CDP technology, we developed our own product for managing customer profiles.

In the hotel sector, hybrid work models combining online and offline experiences for guests emerged as the top trend. Additionally, supporting local businesses to collaborate with local suppliers became an important aspect.

Companies specializing in payment systems presented new solutions for secure and convenient online payments. They demonstrated tools for maximizing hotel revenue through dynamic pricing and room occupancy management.

Several noteworthy companies were highlighted at the event, each playing a vital role in the hotel industry. They contribute significantly to hotel business development and guest service improvement.

Many airlines also showcased their high-tech side, actively employing VR and augmented reality to demonstrate their aircraft, cabins, and user interaction capabilities.

Overall, ITB Berlin left an unforgettable impression with its immense scale and diverse event program. Looking ahead, we anticipate even more exciting developments and ideas aimed at further enhancing the industry next year.

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