Paximizer CDP

The Customer Data Platform acts as a central hub for diverse data, facilitating customer-centric processes and seamless integration with our suite of products to ensure cohesive operations and optimized performance.
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Paximizer CDP. As a central hub for diverse data sources, the Customer Data Platform not only consolidates vast amounts of information but also enables customer-centric processes across multiple e-commerce and revenue management systems. With its extensive integration capabilities, the CDP is indispensable for companies aiming to stay at the forefront of modern retailing, foster enduring customer relationships, and optimize revenue streams for long-term success.

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What challenges it accomplishes:
Effectively and securely managing profiles
CDP manages customer profiles by capturing, storing, and enriching data from multiple sources, eliminating duplicates, preserving service histories, conducting segmentation, and providing rapid access to profile information while ensuring data security
Driving revenue growth through tailored recommendations
CDP combines business rules and machine learning to generate dynamic recommendations, leveraging extensive data, customer segmentation, tags, and inventory context. This enables timely and relevant offers, enhances personalized communications with buyers, and ultimately boosts revenues
Harnessing diverse data sources
CDP aggregates information from various sources, automatically deduplicates it, and ensures compliance with current regulations. Following normalization, high-quality data empowers targeted communications and customer-centric strategies, ultimately driving revenue growth
Streamlining marketing initiatives
Our approach adheres to industry best practices, encompassing omni-channel, triggered, and programmed campaigns that are targeted, personalized, timely, and yield measurable results. User-friendly features include business rules-based functionality, enabling ‘as you go’ campaign management, and comprehensive access to campaign metrics for evaluation and optimization
Fostering loyalty
CDP incorporates loyalty features, including a subscriptions module, and seamlessly integrates with third-party FFP and loyalty platforms to capture and merge relevant data with customer profiles. We emphasize the integration of customer service processes with loyalty data to cultivate long-term relationships with customers and optimize revenue streams
Facilitating service automation
CDP provides a built-in service-desk module to efficiently capture inquiries from all major channels, optimize service desk performance, enhance agent productivity with AI, and automate routine operations. Seamlessly enriching profiles, the platform ensures immediate access to profile data for service desk agents, thereby delivering a superior level of service
Empowering revenue optimization
CDP serves as a central hub for all commercial platforms utilized by our customers, ensuring seamless processes and leveraging customer data to deliver exceptional buyer experiences and maximize revenue
What elements does the product consist of:
Profile management system
Orders & Service History
Mailings and Campaigns
Recommendations System
Loyalty and Subscriptions
Incident Management
Service Desk System
Artificial Intelligence
Integration tools (API, SDK)
Admin portal
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Paximizer CDP
The Customer Data Platform acts as a central hub for diverse data, facilitating customer-centric processes and seamless integration with our suite of products to ensure cohesive operations and optimized performance.

Yes, the system adheres to GDPR requirements by prioritizing privacy by default and design. This means that all necessary GDPR standards are inherently incorporated into the system's architecture to ensure the protection and privacy of user data in compliance with regulations.

Absolutely, the system is designed to seamlessly integrate with third-party e-commerce solutions, allowing for enhanced flexibility and compatibility.

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