Booking and Check-in App

Ready-to-use web and mobile applications which offer airlines a swift and efficient solution to establish a modern e-commerce shop
Booking and Check-in App is integrated with our other products:

Booking and Check-in App. Our web and mobile applications redefine the passenger experience by seamlessly integrating with our core products, the 'Offer-Order Management' and 'Customer Data Platform.' Designed with a 'mobile-first' approach and adhering to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, our modern UI/UX ensures a superior experience for customers. From searching and booking flights to hassle-free check-ins and purchasing ancillary services like seat selections and luggage, our applications provide a comprehensive and customizable solution. The look and feel of our frontend applications can be easily tailored to meet airline preferences, offering not only aesthetic flexibility but also a customizable booking flow. With features like a night theme, we prioritize both convenience and aesthetics, incorporating best practices for modern airline e-commerce.

Leveraging split-tests, we continuously optimize our applications to achieve the highest conversion rates, making the entire process efficient, user-friendly, and visually appealing.

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What challenges it accomplishes:
Creating comprehensive cross-device online shop of an airline
The system streamlines e-commerce processes for airlines, offering seamless transactions, personalized customer experiences, and revenue optimization through efficient management of bookings, ancillary services, and customer data 
Focusing on E-commerce metrics
Applications strategically capture and store extensive, legally compliant data, maximizing its utility for other specialized systems, ultimately enhancing customer experiences with seamless and personalized interactions
Effectively engaging customers
Crafted for effective customer engagement, applications feature embedded banners, sales motivators, and visually rich content, creating an immersive and compelling experience for users
Minimizing servicing costs
The web and mobile applications empower passengers with self-service capabilities, such as automatic refund and booking exchanges, effectively reducing the volume of calls and inquiries to the airline service desk, thereby minimizing servicing costs
What elements does the product consist of:
Paximizer OOS Integration
Paximizer CDP Integration
PSP Integrations
Flight and Ancillary shopping widgets
Booking management widgets
Online check-in widgets
Personal account widget
Service widgets: online chat, flight map, flight calendar, schedule, tableau, subscriptions landing, MSE landing, etc.
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Booking and Check-in App
Ready-to-use web and mobile applications which offer airlines a swift and efficient solution to establish a modern e-commerce shop

The booking and check-in applications offer a highly customizable look and feel, allowing effortless alignment with the customer's brand identity. Customers have the flexibility to style the applications through user-friendly settings and CSS capabilities, ensuring a personalized and branded experience. Our commitment to providing maximum freedom extends further, offering customers access to our frontend API and samples, enabling seamless implementation of fully custom designs for a tailored user interface.

Yes, we also offer a dedicated application for smartwatches, enhancing customer engagement by providing an additional touchpoint for seamless interaction.

In addition to our consumer-facing features, we recognize the significance of direct B2B solutions for our clients. Our web application is equipped with robust B2B capabilities, ensuring a comprehensive and seamless experience for our business partners.

Our mobile applications are developed using cross-platform Flutter technology and running on the basis of the comprehensive WST frontend API.

Our systems prioritize seamless cross-device support, recognizing the paramount importance of providing users with a consistent and uninterrupted experience across various devices. This ensures that whether customers access our services on a computer, tablet, or mobile device, they encounter a unified interface and functionality, enhancing user satisfaction, accessibility, and engagement. By embracing a cross-device approach, we empower users to transition effortlessly between platforms, fostering convenience and flexibility in their interactions with our systems.

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