Settlement Automation Platform

Enabling fast and secure b2b payments
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Settlement Automation Platform. Our versatile B2B platform revolutionizes payment settlements between users through the automation of transactions, facilitated by smart contracts built on Hyperledger Fabric frameworks. Enabling direct debit transactions between sellers and buyers, the system ensures quick, secure, and accurate processes, effectively reducing administration costs for both parties involved. Compatible with any reservation system or marketplace, this platform serves as a secure alternative to traditional clearing methods, allowing for better liquidity utilization by eliminating upfront deposits and the need for bank guarantees.

The system streamlines partner onboarding, offers transparent transaction tracking, and minimizes fraud, providing a cutting-edge solution for efficient and secure B2B transactions in the digital era.

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Travel vendor
Travel retailer
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What challenges it accomplishes:
Reducing transaction costs
Through automation, expedited payment cycles, reduced commissions, and minimized risks, the system significantly lowers transaction costs by decreasing reliance on human labor and enhancing operational efficiency
Increasing return on capital
With faster payment cycles, sellers receive funds promptly, optimizing capital utilization and enhancing return on capital as they gain the flexibility to reinvest or allocate resources more efficiently
Minimizing risks of non-payment
By leveraging secure deal automation that triggers payment at the moment of delivery, the system effectively mitigates the risks of non-payment, ensuring a reliable and secure transaction process
Broadening buyer’s market
Our technology lowers the bar for new retailers, streamlining partner onboarding and facilitating collaboration with multiple smaller companies without incurring risks or additional costs
What elements does the product consist of:
Settlement platform, smart-contracts
SDK for bank integration
API for the shop, marketplace integration
Logging and reporting system
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Settlement Automation Platform
Enabling fast and secure b2b payments

A blockchain network built on the Hyperledger Fabric framework serves as a robust foundation for developing applications within business networks, leveraging open-source distributed ledger technology (DLT). This platform supports smart contracts and allows the creation and control of business networks through permissions, utilizing programming languages such as Golang, JavaScript, and Java.

The settlement process on the platform is swift, with funds seamlessly transferred to the counterparty's account. The system meticulously controls financial flows, ensuring secure transactions, and additionally supports refund transactions for added flexibility.

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