Staff ID

Transforming your inventory into employees loyalty
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Staff ID. Enhance employee loyalty and maintain control by offering authorized airline employees and their family members the ability to purchase tickets at discounted rates.

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What challenges it accomplishes:
Fostering employees loyalty
Staff ID facilitates employees' convenient access to airline privilege
Controlling corporate travel and approval policies
Implementing business-rules based travel policies, approval processes, queues, and reporting not only ensures high relevance of services to employees based on their respective grades but also provides airline management with precise control over budget expenditures
Assuring better inventory utilization
Unlocking exclusive access to last-minute vacant seats for your staff and their family members, along with offering special conditions during low-season flights, not only enhances P&L but significantly optimizes inventory utilization, ensuring a seamless commercial flow
What elements does the product consist of:
Staff lists
HR database integrations
Registration and SSO
Policy management based on business rules
Personal account
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Staff ID
Transforming your inventory into employees loyalty

To effortlessly implement the system, simply fill in the company profile, connection details, fare types, and passenger categories, along with providing the Shop ID, SMTP details, and the domain address.

You can secure discounted airline fares with confirmed (HK) as well as with standby (SA) statuses for booking and issuing tickets and services, available to both employees and their family members.

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