Paximizer OOS

Boost your retailing capabilities with our Offer & Order Management System (OOS)

Paximizer OOS. Revolutionize your airline's efficiency with our cutting-edge Offer and Order Management System (OOS). Seamlessly integrate and manage a plethora of offers, ensuring personalized experiences for each passenger. With real-time order tracking and optimization, our system empowers airlines to maximize revenue, minimize costs, and deliver a superior travel experience.

Elevate your operations, boost customer satisfaction, and take control of your airline's success with Paximizer.

Network carrier
Low-cost carrier
Hybrid carrier
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What challenges it accomplishes:
Setting up modern and personalized retailing
Maximize revenue streams through dynamic offers and provide seamless customer experience
Implementing savvy order management
Gain higher customer satisfaction and save costs by streamlining order management processes and having better control over delivery
Expanding boundaries of e-commerce platforms
Get utmost flexibility and obtain superior capabilities in your sales channels
What elements does the product consist of:
Offer & Order Management
Check-in Core
PSS-agnostic integrational core
Personal account module
Front-end API
“Out-of-the-box” widgets
Performance dashboards
Integrations with other products of the WST family
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Product at a glance - interface screenshots
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Paximizer OOS
Boost your retailing capabilities with our Offer & Order Management System (OOS)

Paximizer, an advanced platform, prioritizes security and high-load performance. Leveraging cutting-edge cloud infrastructure and strategic partnerships with computing and cloud service industry leaders, we offer the flexibility for customers to run the system on their premises. Your safety and operational efficiency are our top priorities.

Our system embodies a 'mobile-first' design philosophy, ensuring a seamless and responsive experience on all devices. With a dedicated focus on empowering customers, it delivers intuitive self-service capabilities, putting control and convenience directly in the hands of the user.

We place a strong emphasis on the overall integrability of our system, providing comprehensive API and SDK support for easy integration with external systems. Additionally, we facilitate seamless cross-integration with other products within our company's portfolio, creating a cohesive ecosystem for enhanced functionality and performance.

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