New outlook on customer’s loyalty and airline marketing
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Subscriptions. Let your customers enjoy the world of convenience and savings which you may offer with innovative WST Subscriptions technology tailored to address needs of airlines and travel retailers. Give your passengers the freedom to enjoy flights whenever they want, with exclusive access to discounted fares, priority boarding, and complimentary upgrades. Subscriptions mean increased customer loyalty, predictable revenue streams, and a streamlined booking process.

Elevate the travel experience provided by you and soar to new heights with our innovative subscription model – where the journey is as rewarding as the destination.

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What challenges it accomplishes:
Enabling new revenue streams
Get additional predictable income from subscribers
Unleashing new marketing capabilities
Stand out from rivals with your product offering, promote your services and privileges
Attracting loyal audience
Engage your customers and build long-term relationships with specific loyalty groups by employing our innovative software solution 
Bring your loyalty to the new level
Open doors for creative leveled subscriptions programs, add gamification mechanics, co-branding and many more
What elements does the product consist of:
Settings: services, privileges, terms & conditions
Settings: application business rules
Settings: recurring payments
Whitelabel landing page
Reporting module
Set of external API
Admin panel
CRS, CRM, DCS, FFP integrations
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New outlook on customer’s loyalty and airline marketing

Yes, it is perfectly possible, the subscription tool has a vast variety of settings which let you manage multiple aspects of subscriptions, such as available privileges and services, seasonality, destinations and validity dates.

Sometimes there’s no need to reinvent the bicycle and we love to work with good old standards. In order to launch the subscription within the ‘Ticket’ technology, the airline needs just to file the necessary fare categories and RFISC services — seats, baggage and other, with appropriate price levels for new categories of passengers eligible for the subscription. The discount is applied to the existing fare, via the fare suffix. And we care about the rest.

PSS, DCS, FFP, OOS, Web & Mobile Booking and Check-in App, CDP, BI.

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