Hepstar and WebSky became partners

Hepstar and Websky became partners.

Hepstar provides access to a global travel ancillary product suite while using data analytics and merchandising tools to optimize how products are offered to customers. Their merchandising services are made available through a single integration for both travel insurance and other ancillary products.

17th June the WebSky team entered into a partnership agreement with Hepstar and that is why now our team can do even more.

WebSky and our distribution partners (airlines and marketplaces) already have access to multiple ancillary products through a single integration.
We have already implemented optimisation services focused on travel ancillary products for the benefit of WebSky distribution partners (Increasing average revenue per booking). Optimisation services are subject to distribution partner size.

Also, activation of travel ancillary products would be on a partner by partner basis, subject to their approval of the relevant products on offer. Activation is made simpler and easier leveraging off a single integration with Hepstar.

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